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Services Overview

WTEC Energy is one of the most experienced construction, material assembly, and recycling service providers in the energy market. Our professionals have decades of experience in the renewable energy, power-generation and electrical component industries.

Renewable Construction and Installation

Having partnered with the largest names in the renewable industry to constructed North America’s largest photovoltaic and wind power-generation plants, we are a full-service construction company with extensive experience across a broad range of renewable energy project scopes.

WTEC Energy’s construction experience, powerful equipment, and synergy with our innovative material-supply make us the renewable industry’s go-to construction-services provider, ranging from superior pile-testing and pile-driving expertise to delivering comprehensive EPC services.

WTEC Energy is an ideal partner for general contractors who need competent, dependable performance of more limited scopes, such as trenching and installation. WTEC Energy’s fleet of trenchers and Turchi pile drivers is one of the largest operations in the country. Our A-to-Z project managers and mobilization capabilities ensure this powerful equipment gets the job done – wherever and whenever needed.

WTEC Energy is proud to be a minority business enterprise (MBE) certified by the National Minority Supplier Diversity Council (NMSDC). All WTEC Energy products and services classify as Tier 1 diversity spend.


Cable Assembly & Project Kitting Services

Our integrated OEM solutions provide reliable, cost-effective products and value-added services to multiple markets. As a primary supplier of control and power cable assemblies for the largest names in wind turbines since 2003, we are a UL certified harness facility capable of manufacturing cable assemblies, to provide plug and play site installation. WTEC Energy can provide kitting and assembly services for a large range of project and installation applications.


Reel Management & Recycling Services

Our collapsible steel reels are recyclable and environmentally friendly, reducing our carbon footprint associated with reel packaging and transportation. We offer wire and cable scrap management and recycling for bare and insulated products, which minimizes the impact on the environment, while providing value back to our customers.

Our steel reel exchange program allows customers to exchange partial reels for full reels on a routine schedule, minimizing partial reels, scrap and lost reels. On a set schedule, WTEC Energy delivers full reels and picks the customer’s partial reels. The partial reels are dispositioned, and the customer receives a credit for the recycled or scrapped material.

Material Solutions for Grid Connectivity

WTEC Energy’s substation and transmission teams deliver complete materials management and packaging solutions to connect renewable generation assets to the grid. We directly provide wire and cable, transformers, pole line hardware and integral components for renewable energy development and transmission to grid interconnection.

WTEC Energy offers materials management for connectivity from your renewable generation asset to the substation connection. From the top of the tower to the utility interconnect, our product-packaged approach streamlines purchasing, fulfillment and logistics, while maximizing savings and efficiencies.

Our pre-packaged transmission and substation products include:

  • Transformers
  • Switches
  • Metering
  • TS Conductor
  • Conductor
  • Poles (wood and steel)
  • Grounding
  • Insulators

Logistics & Fleet Management

WTEC Energy’s self-performing fleet of vehicles minimizes transportation costs and mitigates freight escalations, while providing our customers price and schedule stability.

Our construction management and personnel have years of expertise and experience:

  • Proficiency in Pile, Rack and Tracker, and Module Installation
  • Veteran Construction Managers
  • Professional Training & Project Execution
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment


Storm Support

We are an experienced storm partner and well-prepared to offer storm services and support during a significant weather event or emergency. For Hurricane Irene alone, we provided over 2M feet of cable to Puerto Rico for recovery efforts.