Our Mission, Vision and Values

We believe in taking care of each other, our customers
and our planet

Our Mission & Vision

We provide high-performance, cost-effective products and solutions, utilizing state-of-the-art technology, quality methods, and superior materials. By focusing on ongoing efforts to improve our processes, we drive change and create a common culture of quality, excellence and value.

Our daily purpose is to develop solutions to achieve our goals and exceed the expectations of our customers, team members and supplier partners.

Vision: To be the energy industry’s most innovative and reliable provider of quality wire, cable and steel.

Culture & Values

WTEC Energy is a company with a dynamic culture that delivers premium value to our customers, our suppliers and our team members.

  • We work as a team.
  • We care for each other and our communities.
  • We do what’s right. Period.

We believe in generating value for our customers, team members, suppliers and partners in an environment that fosters trust, collaboration and diversity.

Discover Our Values:


We are committed to the health and safety of our team members and onsite guests.  We will ALWAYS put safety first to operate in a process-centered environment committed to:

  • Target Zero
  • No Accidents
  • No Harm

Our manufacturing, delivery and handling processes, as well as the operating procedures which govern our work processes, are centered on safety.


Focusing on our customers and understanding their expectations, enables us to work side-by-side to build the highest quality products and best solutions in the market.

We believe in investing in resources and technology to improve the customer experience:

  • We strive to exceed our customer expectations EVERY DAY
  • We develop customized solutions and products
  • We deliver the best value for our customers

Exceeding our customers’ expectations requires exceptional service and genuine commitment to delivering innovative products and services.


We are dedicated to producing quality, high-performance products. We operate in an ISO:9001 environment dedicated to quality, performance and safety. The reliability of our own customers operating systems is a direct reflection of the design and build quality of all WTEC Energy products.


WTEC Energy is committed to providing innovative, sustainable energy products and solutions for today and tomorrow. We are dedicated to enhancing the well-being of our communities by reducing our carbon footprint.

  • In 2010 WTEC Energy installed rail lines to receive raw materials in bulk, significantly reducing trucking freight related environmental impacts.
  • We routinely recover, purify, and recycle 100% of residual aluminum and copper metals to be recycled in both copper cables and aluminum parts.
  • Our collapsible steel reels allow for a more environmentally friendly packaging and shipping, maximizes steel reel transportation, thereby reducing vehicle emissions.


We believe diversity inclusion fosters best practice translation and drives new and innovative ideas. WTEC Energy is proud to be a NMSDC (National Minority Supplier Diversity Council) certified company.


Ethics & Compliance

WTEC Energy is an organization with strong values of responsibility, trust and integrity. Our Ethics and Compliance Program (ECP)  and Corporate Code of Conduct contain general guidelines for conducting business with the highest standards of ethics. Our ECP promotes awareness of the WTEC Energy Code of Conduct, and a company culture that encourages ethical behavior and discourages improper behavior through setting standards and policies that drive compliance.

We are committed to building a workplace environment where respect, honesty and integrity are the expectation, not the exception.  We encourage team members to approach human resources, management, or senior leadership in instances where they believe violations of WTEC Energy’s EPC, Code of Conduct, policies or standards have occurred.

Team members may also begin an anonymous report in confidence by contacting the EthicsPoint Hotline at 844.587.1662 or www.wtecenergy.com.ethicspoint.com. The information provided to EthicsPoint will be sent to WTEC Energy confidentially and anonymously, if you choose.  Note: EthicsPoint is hosted by a third-party ethics hotline provider.